About Red

Red is a cool little wine shop, naturally. We are Howard County’s first alcoholic beverage retailer specializing in organic, biodynamic, and sustainably produced wines, beers, and spirits from around the corner and around the world. Everything on our shelves is “earth friendly” and made in an environmentally and socially responsible way. What does this mean, you might ask? At Red, you will find the following:

  • organically produced wine, beer, and spirits
  • sulfite-free wines
  • a wide variety of gluten-free beers
  • locally produced and organic hard ciders
  • non-GMO spirits
  • producers that passionately give back to the people, animals & land in their community
  • representation of local wine, beer, and spirits
  • a growler station that requires refillable beer jugs to reduce waste
  • events with other local environmentally conscious organizations
  • a hand-picked selection that fits into this mission

The growing trend is to want to know where food comes from, how it was grown and processed, and what questionable ingredients it may contain. We think it’s time for a wine store that is responsive to those same concerns. That’s what Red is all about. Our staff is made up of wine-savvy enthusiasts who are ready to share their extensive knowledge about the planet-friendly products we carry, and they look forward to helping you explore our well-curated collection of artisanal wines, craft beers, and small-batch spirits.

Meet Red…

Michelle Stafford

Michelle Stafford

Store Manager

I have been wading through the wine industry for over 8 years, and I love every minute of it. I have served wine in some of the top restaurants in Baltimore, managed a team at Vino Volo Dulles, and have done a lot of “independent research!” I never imagined that wine would become a career focus for me, but as I learned to understand wine as a true art form that speaks volumes about the people and land that produce it, I became enamored.

What I love about wine is that it is a living, breathing, volatile thing that someone carefully put in a bottle. It can be as complex or simple as the wine maker desires. I also love that a person can never be wrong about what they like in a wine. What appeals to one person’s palate may be completely different than what appeals to the next. That’s what makes my job so fun! I get to learn about what you like and select the perfect wine for YOU– not for me, not for the next person that walks in, but for you. Whether you’re seeking a sulfite-free, organic wine, or something to pair with pizza, I am happily here to help you make that selection. I believe in the mission of Red to provide environmentally friendly beverage options to consumers who also care what their wine/beer/spirit tastes like.

Nathan Fleming

Nathan Fleming

Wine Guru

My first true exposure to wine happened at my first restaurant job in Minneapolis, MN some years ago.  The general manager of this location had been a former social secretary for the military in Europe and she had a very biased old world wine palate.  I look back now and am glad to have been exposed to the vast world of European wines early in my career and still gravitate towards them today.  Since that time, I have worked in or managed restaurants in Seattle, Washington, DC and Baltimore, including a stint as Food and Beverage manager for an 100% Organic restaurant and event space on a remote island in Washington state.

The approach I take to wine (and beer for that matter) is similar to my outlook on life.  I am always looking to try something new, to expose myself to a new region, grape or style, and to be willing to go out on a limb a bit to find a true gem.  I am excited to be able to share my passion with the customers of Red and look forward to helping you find that perfect bottle for a special occasion or to pair with your midweek dinner.

Austin Sebek

Austin Sebek

Beverage Enthusiast

I’m mostly known of as the newbie around here. I’m currently a Business Administration student as well as an associate working here at Red. Although my experience and knowledge is still in its beginning stages, it is surely gaining traction as I’m learning the joys and complexities of the vast wine and beer worlds. My knowledge of planet-friendly libations is growing everyday as is the love I have for working here at Red! My goal is to help whomever find exactly what they are looking for and have a great time doing it! My passion for learning and for interacting with and helping people has made for a perfect fit being here at Red.

I very much enjoy being apart of the culture that Red has cultivated here. From the team we have working here to the relationships we’ve made with our customers and community, this experience is one I take great joy in participating in. We hope that you stop by and enjoy what we’ve got going on here at Red!