Want to learn more about the types of products we sell at Red, and why we sell them? Here are some online resources that may interest you.

What’s in your wine? Pesticide Fact Sheet

What’s in your wine? Here, the Organic Vineyard Alliance examines how pesticides, as well as other synthetic chemicals like fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers, can end up in your glass of conventionally produced wine. Learn how organically certified wine production differs.

Should you drink organic wine? Q & A by Dr. Andrew Weil

Many people who buy and eat organic produce don’t stop to consider what’s in the wine they drink. Dr. Andrew Weil gives you some background info on organic wine and how to find it. Vegan-friendly wine is the subject of another paragraph from this Q & A portion of his website.


Is this vegan? Barnivore Vegan Alcohol Directory

Want to know whether your wine, beer, and spirits are vegan friendly? Check the Barnivore Vegan Alcohol Directory. Barnivore reviews all these products and makes you more knowledgable about shopping for vegan libations.


Organic Wine Journal's Reviews will help you find the most earth-conscious wine.

Here’s a great “guide to organic, biodynamic, and natural wine,” which is Organic Wine Journal’s mission. You’ll find reviews of US and worldwide wineries and winemakers, informative articles, and city guides to finding restaurants and wine stores that carry these products.


What is biodynamic? The Demeter Association will answer all of your questions.

Learn all about biodymanic farming from the Demeter Association, which focuses on “healing the planet through agriculture.” On this website, you’ll find answers to some questions you might have about this growing movement, as well as info on food products, a wine tasting and touring guide, and upcoming special events.


Wine trade associations - which are sustainable, organic, biodynamic? Find out here.

Want to know what wine trade associations focus on biodynamic, sustainable, and organic practices? Here’s some background info on such organizations, a whole section on sustainable living, and plenty of links so you can learn more.


History of Organic Winemaking

Here, the Organic Trade Association talks about the history of organic winemaking and shows how its popularity and quality of continue to climb. Now, you can feel good about the fact that it’s not only organic but also competitively priced AND tasty!


Biodynamic vs Organic Wine

As this short article asks, What is biodynamic wine? Learn how it’s made and how it differs from organically produced wine.


What are sulfites and why are they in my wine?

What are sulfites and what effect do they have on you and your beverage? Many people are concerned about the effects of sulfites on their health and well-being, and this article helps to dissect who should be concerned about sulfites and why. Here is what you really need to know about sulfites: http://winefolly.com/tutorial/sulfites-in-wine/

Frey Vineyards: America's First Organic Winery

Insects, birds, and bees, oh my! This Mendocino, California, winemaker has a long history of organic and biodynamic grape growing and wine making. Learn how they protect the forest, too! freywine.com